Collection: Bentley "Ben" Hart Fundraiser

Bentley's Fundraiser will close on September 2, 2023 at Midnight

A note from Bentley's Mom:

Hello my name is Joanna and I have a 12 yr old son named Bentley but we call him Ben most the time. He has a incurable medical condition called duchenne muscular dystrophy. Which is where the body doesn't produce dystrophin that our muscles need. So in other words the oil your car needs to run... well that's the dystrophin Ben's body doesn't produce. So in return his body will start to slowly stop working. And we are currently going through this change. Bens change happened very quick. He went from walking to a gate trainer to his wheelchair all within a month. Yes he had be starting to regress some but this we just weren't ready for yet. But this current change has now put us in a very tough spot as we do have a van and we got a free standing trailer for his wheelchair it is actually at its max weigh compasity and is not the best situation as his wheelchair is powered and cannot get wet or it will not work correctly. Plus with Ben gaining weight more easily since he's not mobile, lifting him now from his wheelchair to the carseat back to his wheelchair with every trip is alot on my back now. So I'm doing this in the hopes that we can raise some money to help us to get a wheelchair accessible van that won't break down. My current van has been in and out of the shop the past few months and is still not working 100%. So we are trying to get a van that will be safe for us and able to let Ben stay in his wheelchair so we're not having to move him so much back and forth.

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